All little things about Vietnam group tours in Con Dao Prison


If you travel in groups and would love to discover the history, Vietnam group tours in Con Dao Prison will be an excellent idea.

What makes Con Dao Prison worth paying a visit?

It reveals a heart-breaking part of Vietnam history


Con Dao prison

You may wonder why people would want to visit a prison on their vacation. However, if you have some knowledge about Vietnam history, you will see that Con Dao deserves to be one of the best places in South Vietnam group tours.

The prison was established in 1862 by Bonard – the governor of South Vietnam. This was a system of prison that consists of various areas in close and tiger cages. Together with Phu Quoc Prison, Con Dao Prison used to be the place where Vietnamese communist soldiers were detained. There were times when hundreds of people were kept and chained here.

The jailers applied many methods of physical and mental tortures on them. The prison was special because it used to be compared to “hell on Earth”, which made the whole world astounded. Within over 100 years, about 20,000 Vietnamese of many generations were imprisoned and even killed here.

It was genuinely a heart-breaking phase in the history that many people in Vietnam always shed their tears thinking about it.

It is an ideal destination for you to learn about Vietnam


Methods of torture

Heroes always come at difficult times. And they are not far from us. They are around us and even hide among us. This is the first thing what you will be able to learn when visiting Con Dao Prison.

Numerous feats of arms of famous revolutionaries who were imprisoned here are shown on the boards placed inside the prison. Huynh Thuc Khang, Ton Duc Thang, Le Duan, or Pham Hung are some outstanding names.

Another thing that you may have a chance to witness is the undaunted spirit of the Vietnamese in the old times. The prison is divided into many jail cells, each of which has hundreds of confining and torturing rooms. Phu Tuong Jail Cell is probably the most frightening one with 120 confining rooms, tiger cages, and 60 rooms for drying prisoners under the sun.

All of the rooms can make you feel spine-chilling because the instruments of tortures are too fierce. But Vietnamese soldiers had to suffer from the pain and fear that those tortures created for many years. Besides being confined, the prisoners were also famished and left to die.

Some experiences for your tour


Boat to Con Dao

When should you visit Con Dao Prison?

Anytime would be a great time to visit the prison. The two common seasons for you to have Con Dao Prison group tours in Vietnam are the wet season and the dry season.

The wet season is from March to September. The rain in this season is rarely longer than 1 hour and there is sunlight almost every day. The wet season is the best choice if you want to have an entire tour of the island. Otherwise, just book your ticket to Con Dao Island on the dry season, which is from October to February. You can have a day tour to Con Dao Prison and then go back to the city. The dry season here is not so hot so feel free to visit the prison as long as you want.

How to get to Con Dao Prison?

Con Dao Island is about 180 kilometers far from Vung Tau City. There are two ways for travelers to get there and have the best tour in Vietnam. One of which is to travel by water and the other is by air.

  • By water

You can get to Con Dao by taking a boat from Vung Tau City. Booking tickets online is the best way to reserve your seat. After transferring the money, you need to call the box office to confirm your payment. One thing that you should pay attention to is to arrive at the port 5 hours before the time. If not, the ticket will be sold to some others even though you have already paid the fare.

  •  By air

If you have a large budget, you can buy a flight ticket. It takes only 45 minutes to fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao Island. In case you start from Hanoi, you will need to transit in Can Tho or Ho Chi Minh City. After arriving at Co Ong Airport, you can take any taxi around that area and start your Vietnam group tours to the prison.

12 well worth seeing beaches like the paradise of Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc Island luckily possesses the endless coastline with white stretches of sand. The most famous beaches can be counted such as Sao Beach or Long Beach, however, there are many other pristine beaches and paradises waiting for you to discover in this summer vacation.

Truong Beach

Lying on Tran Hung Dao Street, Truong Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Duong To Commune. It was called as “Truong Beach” because the beach stretches about 20km from Dinh Cau Cape to Khoe Tau Ru. Truong Beach is divided into several areas, connected by rocky rapids, green trees and fishing villages hidden in the air.

Long Beach

Located in the Northwest of the island, Long Beach is such an indispensable factor when referring to Phu Quoc tourism as well as Vietnam beach tours because of its pristine beauty. In particular, Long Beach is at the top of the world’s 13 most pristine and beautiful beaches. With a length of about 1,500m, it is definitely a paradise on land with the clear blue water, and rows of green trees.


Long Beach

Sao Beach

Considered as the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc, sand in Sao beach is not like other beaches in Vietnam such as Nha Trang or Vung Tau but it is white and smooth like ice cream. Bai Sao is surrounded by two ranges of gentle mountains, which creates a quiet space and the fresh air for visitors.


Sao Beach

Khem Beach

Also known as Kem Beach, this beach, as well as other attractive beaches of Phu Quoc, have long stretches of white sand like powder. One special point of Khem Beach, which always impresses visitors, is the bow-shaped beach lying quietly and peacefully between 2 dark green forests.


Khem Beach

Ong Lang Beach

Here, you cannot find a continuously stretching beach like others but is interrupted and blocked by a lot of rocks. Coming to Ong Lang Beach during your Vietnam honeymoon tour, you will have a chance to enjoy the cool drinks, get a massage and go sunbathing on the long benches.

Ganh Dau Beach

The water in Ganh Dau Beach is very clean and clear. It seems like the purity of the sea is still kept here. Perhaps that is the reason why the seafood here is so diverse and extremely fresh.


Seafood in Phu Quoc

Thom Beach

The darker color of the sand of Thon Beach along with the mountain scenery here will certainly make you feel overwhelmed when arriving in your Vietnam beach vacation. Especially, to Thom beach, you can cross a road at sea about 100m in length to discover the wild Mot Island full of purple sea flowers.


Thom Beach

Rach Vem Beach

Located in the North of the island, Rach Vem is a relatively small and quiet fishing village. There are some deserted beaches along the coast, but the area has been designated for the construction of multi-million dollar resort complexes. This is the only beach remaining true to the wild nature of Phu Quoc with the homes of the Cambodian people who crossed the border to live and settle down.

Vung Bau Beach

In the Northwest of the island, it seems that Vung Bau Beach is hiding between Ong Lang Beach and Long Beach. This beach is crescent-moon-shaped and quite deserted, very suitable for sea activities such as swimming, diving and kayaking. This clean beach is a perfect destination for Vietnam beach tour for couples and families because there are several accommodations in communal-house style scattered in surrounding areas.

Ba Keo Beach

Ba Keo Beach is located right in the heart of Duong Dong Town. This is also a beautiful beach preferred much by foreign tourists in their Vietnam beach tours. There used to be a few hotels and resorts having occupied the Ba Keo Beach Ba, causing obstacles for local people and tourists but now they all have been removed.

Cua Can beach

Cua Can Beach is located on the west coast, about 6km to the north of Duong Dong town and near Cua Can Commune. One interesting point of this beach is that it was formed from the intersection of the ocean and the flow of the Cua Can River, which created a picturesque stretch of sand.

Vong Beach

Vong Beach lies in Ham Ninh fishing village. When the water is low, you can easily see the immensity of the sandy beach, however, when the water rises, it floods the whole beach. To Vong Beach, it is highly recommended to arrive in the early mornings or moonlit nights so that you can enjoy the entire beauty of Phu Quoc Beach.


The uniqueness of raising pearls in Phu Quoc

Whenever referring to Phu Quoc, people often think of pristine beaches full of sunshine, primeval forests, specialties that are gifted by nature. However, Phu Quoc also has many other places such as the village where the pearls are cultured.

The charming landscape of Phu Quoc Island

The charming landscape of Phu Quoc Island

Located in Kien Giang province, Phu Quoc is known as Pearl Island. With clear beaches such as Sao Beach and Dai Beach, Phu Quoc is truly a paradise for those who love the sea. For example, Duong Dong Town is the most crowded residential area on Phu Quoc Island. Especially, the market near Dinh Cau is opened at night. In addition, Ham Ninh fishing village, Ganh Dau and An Thoi archipelago are also must-go destinations which cannot be ignored in Phu Quoc group tour. In addition, Phu Quoc is the familiar place in Vietnam honeymoon tour which many couples choose.

Visitors taking part in Phu Quoc tour can also be interested in many specialties here. These specialties can become the meaningful gift for their friends and relatives. There is not only the fresh seafood but also the Phu Quoc pepper. These peppers are planted along the red dirt road to Bac Dao, Ganh Dau. However, the pearls here become one of the most famous things in Phu Quoc Island.

Visiting the tourism area to culture the pearls 

Visiting the tourism area to culture the pearls

The pearl in Phu Quoc is famous for not only its luxury but also natural beauty. The pearls will bring the users many good things. Therefore, the pearls become the favorite of many tourists, especially with women.

When referring to Phu Quoc pearls, Ngoc Hien Pearl has become familiar to visitors from everywhere. Besides, this brand has become a familiar address for local people on the island. Ngoc Hien Pearl is not only famous in the country but also well-known in the world. These pearls have excellent quality, the variety of designs, meeting the fashion trends in the global. Thanks to effective business policy, Ngoc Hien is the only workshop in Phu Quoc, which is certified by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Kien Giang Province to serve for tourists’ visits.

The uniqueness of raising pearls in Phu Quoc

The uniqueness of raising pearls in Phu Quoc

Every day, Ngoc Hien gallery welcomes thousands of visitors who join in Phu Quoc tour coming and go shopping here. However, the number of pearls produced by Ngoc Hien provides to the domestic market, accounting for only 25% of the total pearls, while the remaining 75% are exported to the world, including the top pearl countries such as Japan and Korea.

Ngoc Hien Pearl is the first enterprise culturing pearls in Phu Quoc. In order to ensure the quality of each pearl, Ngoc Hien’s pearl culture facilities have a closed process with modern technology. The leading Japanese experts directly manage and take care of the stages from selecting breeds, feeding, and transplanting to creating the products. From a small base initially, Ngoc Hien Pearl has been constantly growing and is widely known by domestic and foreign customers. Ngoc Hien pearl culture establishment and the gallery of pearls become one of the tourist attractions that tourists cannot miss in Phu Quoc group tour.

Sightseeing the pearl culturing establishment

Sightseeing the pearl culturing establishment

Step into the pearl gallery in Ngoc Hien, visitors can touch and admire the natural beauty of Phu Quoc pearls. Many visitors have bought a lot of pearl jewelry as gifts for their relatives, friends or themselves. Beside traditional pearls, guests can choose jewelry. They are crafted very sophisticatedly, combining pearls with gold, platinum, silver or other precious stones. The combination of harmony and luxury has increased the nobility of Ngoc Hien pearl.

The pieces of jewelry are made from the pearls

The pieces of jewelry are made from the pearls

Besides the main products being pearls, jewelry items in this traditional village also have the natural attraction for tourists. So, Ngoc Hien pearls become a passion and suitability for all women from young girls to old ladies. Travelers should not miss a tour of this traditional village to admire the wonderful pearls in Phu Quoc tour.

Furthermore, visitors should find out the most suitable time to go to Phu Quoc. The most tourist season is from April to September. However, the dry season from October to March next year is the most beautiful time to travel to Phu Quoc. In general, visitors can trust to come to Phu Quoc at any time of the year because the average annual temperature is only about 28 degrees Celsius. The most important thing is tracking weather forecasts to avoid rainy days. Therefore, visitors can choose Phu Quoc luxury tour to be able to have the most comfortable moment in their vacation.



Southern Vietnam has become one of the familiar locations for who love traveling. Visitors can refer top 10 most amazing destinations for your South Vietnam group tours through this post below.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is one of the most popular destinations voted by international visitors according to Touropia page. Phu Quoc Island is also known as Ngoc Island. It is the largest island in Vietnam, also the largest island in a population of 22 islands in the Gulf of Thailand.


Phu Quoc Island is peaceful

In 2008, the website announced that Dai beach is one of the 13 most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world.


Dai beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is one of the attractive places not to be missed in the best group tours in South Vietnam.

Hon Tre

Moreover, Pirate Island in Kien Giang is considered a strange destination right from the name. This is the name of an archipelago including 16 islands, the largest of which is Hon Tre Island.


Pirate Island- the strange destination right from the name

Most of the island is covered with forest. Where it meets the salt water is barren and unspoiled cliffs. It is a destination not to be missed during your visits.

Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

The next place in this list is Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral. It is one of the unique architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, the attractive destination of domestic and foreign tourists in Southern Vietnam group tours.


The front of Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral with the ancient architecture of France, spacious space from outside to the inside of the cathedral has become one of the symbols of Saigon.

Cu Chi tunnels

The next place is Cu Chi tunnels. Cu Chi is the destination which many operators select for South Vietnam tours. It is a defense system in the ground in Cu Chi district, and the land was dubbed the land of steel.


Visiting Cu Chi tunnels

This is a unique architecture which is located deeply in the ground. There are many floors, many niches as spider webs that is over 200km long. It is the place to eat, stay, meet and fight of the Vietnamese army.

Chau Doc

Over the years, Chau Doc in An Giang province is known by domestic visitors with the festivals and Buddhist pilgrimages, but few people know that Chau Doc in An Giang also has attractive tourist attractions such as Cam Mountain, Chau Doc floating village.

Chau Doc is known as the kingdom of the sauce.


Chau Doc fish sauce is sold much in the market

Ca Mau

Ca Mau Cape is the land jutting out towards the East Sea in Southern Vietnam. This place is extremely sacred to Vietnamese people.


Ca Mau Cape – the end of Vietnam

Not so beautiful, not too enthralled with the poetry or grandeur, Ca Mau Cape still fascinated tourists by the simplicity, rustic. This place also marks an important landmark – the land of To Quoc.

Vung Tau

The next place mentioned in this post is Vung Tau. Vung Tau, a beautiful coastal city of Ba Ria- Vung Tau Province, attracts tourists with beautiful nature, delicious cuisine. Besides, it has many interesting works located in unique locations such as the statue of Christ the King, the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, Linh Son ancient temple, May Lake, Vung Tau Lighthouse.


The statue of Christ is the prominent attraction in Vung Tau

Can Tho

Nextly, Can Tho is a major urban area of the Mekong Delta with a network of canals. Coming here, visitors cannot ignore the Cai Rang floating market in the early morning, fruit gardens and the unique architecture of the ancient houses.

Dong Thap

Tram Chim National Park is which has the largest wetland area in Dong Thap Muoi. It is recognized as the 4th biosphere reserve of Vietnam and the 2,000th of the world.


Tram Chim National Park is one of the important Ramsar areas

This park has over 232 species of birds with many rare species such as stocks. Especially the red-headed crane is listed on the World Red List of Endangered Species.

Con Dao

Con Dao is the final destination in South Vietnam group tours in this post. In the decades of the last century, Con Dao is often referred to as an island that specializes in detaining and torturing political prisoners.


Con Dao tourism

After the peace is repeated, visitors often come to Con Dao to find out the historical values of a heroic time of the nation.


Con Dao prison- the largest prison in Vietnam

In addition to historical value, Con Dao also attracts visitors to the beautiful beaches and the rich marine life such as the coral reefs.

These are 10 places that are very suitable for your Vietnam South group tours. We hope that you will have an amazing and unforgettable trip to these spots this summer.

Three amazing campsites by the seashore in Binh Thuan


Summer is coming with many interesting activities, especially it is very suitable for camping on the beach. If you intend to join a Central Vietnam group tour, let’s take a look at the list of top fascinating campsites in Binh Thuan.

Coco Beach Camp, Lagi beach, Binh Thuan province

If you are tired or bored of luxury resorts, then let try Coco Beach Camp in Lagi beach, Binh Thuan province. You can experience a new style of camping on the seashore. It is clean and comfortable, surely you will be interested in. Moreover, this camping is really suitable for those who want to spend a night on the beach without being inconvenient because of lacking electricity or water. 


Coco beach camp from high above

The Coco Beach Camp has a range of tents spread over the beach, including couple tents, tents for 1 person or tents for the whole family. You will almost be separated from the modern world outside (of course if you cannot tolerate, there is still a private area in the house for you to be comfortable in). The best thing about beachside camping is that you can really “smell the sea”, understand how beautiful the night is. And you can experience all these things at Coco Beach Camp in your Central Vietnam group tour. In addition, there are many game services there such as surfing, sailing, volleyball … so if you go to small groups or large groups, you will not be afraid of lacking laughs or general activities. It is a good suggestion for summer break in Vietnam.

Son My Beach Camp, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province

Just about 140 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Son My Beach is also a camping-style beach, outdoor picnic with tents set up on a fine white sand beach at the bottom of the beach. There are more than 20 tents of all kinds from big to small, from individual to collective with the price from 75,000 to 150,000 VND / person. An extremely affordable price and also equivalent to nearby areas. This is also a type of marine tourism loved by a lot of young people since they can save a lot of money, they also can be close and enjoy the nature as well.


Son My Beach camp

However, the special feature in Son My Beach is that beyond the tents, there is also a beautiful wooden suites. These suites are designed like those in abroad beaches, suitable for those who do not like sleeping in tents, or who do not tolerate sunny and sultry wind in the daytime of the sea.


Colorful wooden suites in My Khe campsite

The rooms are designed as a miniature villa. Each has a different color, representing each country with flags hanging along the door. The interior is fully furnished, with air conditioning, fan, TV, mini-fridge, hairdryer and so on. The bathroom is extremely clean and tidy. Thus this caping site is an ideal place for the best group tours in Binh Thuan, Vietnam.

LU Glamping – super new and cute campsite on Ke Ga beach

The summer is coming, with those who have the passion on traveling and want to go to the sea to change the wind, do not forget a new site, extreme “cool” which has just been discovered at LU Glamping in Mui Ke Ga – Binh Thuan. With sun, wind, sea, the white sand and the summer resort, the active young people will love this place at first sight.


LU Glamping from high above

About 33 km from Phan Thiet, Lu Glamping is a new campsite located in Ke Ga Beach, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province. As it is still in the process of construction, the price is quite soft and the service is not perfect compared to the others.

Coming here, you will be first impressed by the blue “god” car in the middle of white sand with the only function is to be a “scene” and play music.


Blue “god” car in LU Glamping

Honeycomb room with unique design makes it difficult for tourists to be restrained. The rent is only 100,000 dongs/person/day, each can hold two people.


Cute Honeycomb room on Ke Ga beach

Also, when you come here, you do not need much preparation. Lu Glamping Resort is located near the market and especially early in the morning, you can go straight to the seashore to buy seafood from the boat. After finishing the food, you can directly process at Lu with the price of a rented stove is 30,000 VND. If you plan to have central Vietnam tour, do not miss this wonderful spot.

Hopefully, you will have much fun in the central Vietnam group tours to one of these 3 above campsites thís coming summer.



With a wide range of flora and fauna and many of streams, Phu Quoc is dubbed by the name “the heaven of the island”. Most visitors choose this land to take their Vietnam beaten off track tours to experience the sunshine of the tropical in the winter of North-east or just simply want to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.


Phu Quoc – the heaven of the island

There are also many well-known tourist attractions in Phu Quoc, from ecotourism in nature such as waterfalls, beaches to underwater activities such as fishing, scuba diving, or simply admiring colorful coral reefs or enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at night … In this article, we will introduce to you 3 wonderful waterfalls which are less-traveled destinations in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.  

Da Ban Waterfall – also known as Da Ban Stream

Da Ban Waterfall originates from Ham Ninh Mountain near Duong Dong Lake. There is a series of flat stones like tables here, that is the reason why the local named it “Da Ban Waterfall”. It is considered to be a good place to camp or have a picnic.

It has only a main small flowing stream and it is not as beautiful as others. However, the highlight of this place as well as Vietnam off the beaten track tours is the wooden suspension bridge. This spot is not too noisy since few tourists come here. Besides, this stream is so closed to Duong Dong town, you can walk there easily and safely.  


The wooden suspension bridge – the highlight of Da Ban Waterfall

Da Ban, about 6 kilometers from the Northeast of Duong Dong town is one of the top waterfalls in Phu Quoc. When coming to Da Ban Stream, you will have the opportunity to observe the fauna and flora that have been found such as frogs, lizards, snake, forest orchids, mushrooms, forest ginseng. You can also soak in the cold stream, which created by the lakes. You can also ask your friends to come here to have a picnic together since with these table-shaped stone slabs, you can bring your food and enjoy them right there.


Breath-taking view in Ban Da Waterfall

***Note: When coming Da Ban Waterfall in the very early morning, do not forget to bring ínect repellent to avoid being beaten.

Tranh Stream

Tranh is one of the most beautiful streams in Phu Quoc and also the most tourist attraction on this island. Although not being the biggest stream but this stream possesses a natural beauty like a painting. Traveling to there, you can feel the cool mist, that is really fascinating. Visitors can bring some tent, food and drink to have a picnic with friends or family as well.

Unlike Da Ban Stream, services at Tranh Stream are well invested and developed including public toilets, food, and souvenir stalls.


Tranh Stream

Coming to Tranh waterfall, do not miss Bat Cave. It is an impressive cave, a good place to explore for the nature lovers in case you have time.  Besides, you can admire orchid and ginseng which are quite rare when walking along the path. For those who want to travel to non-touristy places in Vietnam, typically Phu Quoc, this place would be the considerable suggestion.

***Note: Like most of the streams in Phu Quoc, Tranh stream is more beautiful when in the rainy season, then come here on rainy days.

Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream is a famous stream in Phu Quoc by the landscape with large and flat rocks. Suoi Tien is only about 1km long. Its name is originated from the legend: there was a man usually going deep into the forest to look for water whenever he felt thirsty and he has found out this stream. One day, he saw a lot of beautiful fairies bathing in this stream, from that time until now, this one is called by the name Fairy Stream.

Natural scenery in Fairy Stream is quite beautiful and peaceful. When looking around the stream, you can find some rare plants such as orchids, ginseng, fruit trees, downy rose myrtle. Local people often come here to pick downy rose myrtle to sell or make wine and honey.


Fairy Stream

Local people often use water from Fairy Stream for bathing. Although this one is not as beautiful as Tranh stream, you will be interested in exploring the natural scenery there. There are a lot of trees and some small animals in the surrounding area.

We hope you will have an unforgettable Vietnam off the beaten track tours to Phu Quoc with these less-know waterfalls.


The procession takes place solemnly in Dinh Ba Ong Lang festival

Phu Quoc is famous for pristine beaches, primeval forests, and unique dishes. Moreover, Phu Quoc also confirmed the value of folklore through traditional festivals which are held periodically with absolute religious beliefs. Exploring the festivals is one of the things to do in Phu Quoc. Below are some traditional festivals in Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc and 21 other islands with an area of approximately 600 km2 have formed Phu Quoc island district, Kien Giang Province. The most special and attractive characteristic of Phu Quoc is its fame and attraction for many tourists. This place still retains its original beauty. This is one of the unique beauty of Phu Quoc Island that contributes to the attraction as well as the character of the tourism industry which is growing strongly here.

Phu Quoc is famous for pristine beaches, primeval forests, and unique dishes

Phu Quoc is famous for pristine beaches, primeval forests, and unique dishes

The first festival is Nghinh Ong Festival. This festival originated from ancient and is the source of fishermen in the sea. This is considered the largest festival of fishermen with different names such as Cau Ngu Festival, the sacrifice festival of Ong Fish, Nghinh Ong Festival. Ong here is the Lord of Ong Fish. It is also a sacred whale in the ocean. This festival is held annually to pay homage to the sacred symbol of the sea people. In addition, the ceremony also includes rituals desiring the peace, the silent sea, and the boats full of fish. The ceremonial part of Nghinh Ong ceremony was carefully prepared, including the procession and the sacrifice ceremony.

Nghinh Ong Festival is held gravely on Phu Quoc Island

Nghinh Ong Festival is held gravely on Phu Quoc Island

The rituals are made especially solemn, expressing the belief of the sea people with Ong fish. This festival is one of the attractive festivals not to be missed in Phu Quoc Vietnam culture tours. If visitors have an opportunity to take part in this festival, they will gain the most unforgettable experiences.

The next festival in this list is the festival held in the Nguyen Trung Truc Temple, the familiar destination in Phu Quoc tour. Not many tourists traveling to Phu Quoc know the Temple of Nguyen Trung Truc. This temple has been presented in the daily the locals’ life for a long time ago. Nguyen Trung Truc Temple in Phu Quoc is considered to be the first Nguyen Trung Truc Temple in Kien Giang. This is not only the distinctive architecture but also a famous place to visit Phu Quoc. This temple is a humble, simple temple where the Phu Quoc people show their respect to the sacred hero.

The gate to the temple of Nguyen Trung Truc in the festival

The gate to the temple of Nguyen Trung Truc in the festival

This festival was held at Nguyen Temple, located in Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc. It is about 1km from Long Beach to here, where visitors can see Cambodia from far away. The time of the festival is about 27th August in the lunar calendar. Besides, there are exciting forms of entertainment activities such as lion dance, sports competitions, traditional markets and folk games of people in Phu Quoc. They all bear bold national identity and local cultural values.

Next, it is far about 7km from the center of Duong Dong Town to Dinh Ba Ong Lang Phu Quoc. This festival is held on from 18th to 19th January in the lunar year to commemorate the wife of the national hero. People come here with the desire to wish the health, peace, and fullness.

Every year, local people come to the palace very crowded, especially on the occasion of the festival. Tourists also for the sacredness of Dinh Ba Ong Lang go here to take part in the ceremony. The festival is held quite scale, divided into zones such as the ceremony area, play area, and dining area.

The procession takes place solemnly in Dinh Ba Ong Lang festival

The procession takes place solemnly in Dinh Ba Ong Lang festival

The final festival mentioned in this post is the traditional boat racing festival not to be missed in Phu Quoc tour. This festival is held annually, happening extremely exciting and attracting a lot of participants. Because of having tourism activities, this festival has become more and more popular. The boat race on the sea usually takes place in Dinh Cau Beach. The teams come from different areas will try their best to win. Not only local people but also tourists are attracted by the exciting atmosphere of this festival. This helps Phu Quoc to promote not only the traditional movement but also island tourism.

Thousands of local people and visitors see the boat racing festival

Thousands of local people and visitors see the boat racing festival on Dinh Cau Beach in Phu Quoc

Besides the folk festivals mentioned above, Phu Quoc is also known for many other big and small festivals. Recently, many festivals are introduced in Phu Quoc luxury tour by many local operators.

Camping tour – new experience with Vietnam tour for family


Camping in Saigon is becoming a new trend that attracts young people and families on weekends and holidays. Here are some ideal camping spots for Vietnam tour for family where you need to go in around Saigon.

1, Nam Cat Tien National Park – Dong Nai Province.

About100km from Saigon, located in Tan Phu district, Dong Nai province, Nam Cat Tien National Park is suitable for many activities such as trekking through the forest, bicycling, visiting Ben Cu stone rapids, botanical garden,  Bau Sau Lake, Mo Vet waterfall. Camping here, your family will feel the airy space, in harmony with nature and interesting activities in this national park.

Preparing for family camping at Nam Cat Tien National Park

Preparing for family camping at Nam Cat Tien National Park

Outdoor camping is a great opportunity for your family to reduce stress, work pressure or simply looking for a tranquil environment and make the memorable moments together.

2, Ho Coc – Vung Tau Sea

If you want to find a place to camp and take the picturesque photos, Ho Coc is a suitable choice. With the beautiful locations such as Ho Coc beach, romantic Coc lake, impress wooden bridge around the lake, the mysterious forest will give you beautiful pictures during camping with your family. In addition, Ho Coc attracts numerous people because the service price is very affordable, cheaper than other tourist sites. So you can rest assured that Ho Coc is a great spot for camping in around Saigon. Spending your vacation along with your lovers at this site, what a wonderful plan! Ho Coc is also one of the ideal team building locations for many businesses.

3, Cao Minh Tourist Area – Dong Nai Province

Cao Minh Tourist Area attracts many families for camping on holidays

Cao Minh Tourist Area attracts many families for camping on holidays

With the peaceful space, Cao Minh tourist resort is ideal for those who want to find the tranquil moments, comfortable after hard working days. With the smooth grass and shade trees around Tri An Lake, this is an ideal location for two days camping. Besides, Cao Minh tourist area is beautiful by the yellow leafy roads, dreaming Tri An lake of clear water, wooden houses with fancy European style, … All will bring you an amazing and memorable vacation.

4, Suoi Mo Tourist Area – Dong Nai Province

Located in Tra Co Commune, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Province, Suoi Mo Tourist Area is a favorite place with many families who choose for the weekend holiday. Suoi Mo is popular because it is an integrated resort with many different types of attractive services such as swimming pool under the stream, tent camping, BBQ grill, duck riding, Water games. Sure that your children will really interested in these activities. Perfect service, reasonable price will help you do not worry when deciding to camp here.

The perfect combination of camping and entertainment at Suoi Mo Tourist Area

The perfect combination of camping and entertainment at Suoi Mo Tourist Area

5, The BCR area – HCM City

Located in district 9 of Ho Chi Minh City, the BCR is the ideal place for a weekend or holiday. Not only is the comfortable campsite, full of food and beverage service, it also gives you a whole new and exciting experience with sensational games such as Water guns, firearms, swimming pools, kayaks, minigolf, tennis, farm trials, etc.


The airy space of BCR area create an ideal site for camping

Located in the inner city, this is the right choice for those who do not like to go far and still have good services. If you seek a family tour in Saigon, camping here will be the best selection for you.

  • Suggest activities for the family camping
    • Building tents: This is not only a family activity but also an opportunity to equip your children with the knowledge of life skills needed. Therefore, do not hesitate to invite your child to participate.
    • Campfire: This is definitely the activity that children most expect. Singing together, telling stories to each other will surely be an unforgettable memory for the whole family and will ensure a new feeling, different than the conversation in the meal, in the dining room as usual.

Campfire is an activity cannot miss when camping overnight with families

Campfire is an activity cannot miss when camping overnight with families.

  • Sports activities: After tenting and waiting for the campfire, take advantage of this time for fun and useful outdoor activities such as treasure hunting, fishing, sports activities like football, badminton, … make sure the family will have fun and meaningful moments together.

Do not need to spend too much time preparing for a perfect family picnic? So why you don’t refer to above destinations and plan for an unforgettable camping tour right now. It will be a special gift for all members of your family!

Lyrical streams in Phu Quoc

The beauty of Da Ban stream

Away from the noise, the prosperity, the bustle of the city, visitors go to the island to enjoy the nature here with the slow pace of the life. The Asiaone page introduces Phu Quoc as the largest island in Vietnam which adjacent to the southern coast of Cambodia. Here is a place which is not missed in the south Vietnam group tours that attract many tourists. In particular, the number of international guest increases sharply after the appearance of the direct flights from Singapore to Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc tourism

Phu Quoc tourism

Beside beaches stretching with white sand and sunshine, Phu Quoc also owns lyrical streams which are top destinations in Phu Quoc for travelers. Below is the top of beautiful streams in Phu Quoc Island.

Coming to Phu Quoc without visiting Tranh stream, it seems to be missed one of the top interesting destinations in Phu Quoc or “Ngoc Island”.

Tranh stream

Tranh stream

Tranh stream is located the northeast of Phu Quoc which is about 10 kilometers from Duong Dong town. Tranh stream originates from Ham Ninh mountain range, due to the small streams forming. It goes through the rocks, forests, rapids which makes the beautiful beauty like the painting which is why the stream called Tranh stream. This stream has water from June to September yearly. Visitors coming here can go by motorbike from Duong Dong, which follows the road 30th April to Ham Ninh, then go forward the provincial road 47.

The stream looks like a picture

The stream looks like a picture

The highlight of Tranh stream is the high waterfalls that fluttered down their foot which create the white snow foam rolled into the blue water. Here, visitors can walk on narrow roads, watch the green vegetation on both sides of the road.

Tranh stream is surrounded by trees and flowers

Tranh stream is surrounded by trees and flowers

Here is beautiful natural scenery with flowers, mountains, forests and streams is a place to organize the interesting picnic. Visitors can set up tents along the stream to rest and participate in many special activities.

This next stream in this post owns large and flat boulders which look like a table, so people living in Phu Quoc call it Da Ban stream.

The beauty of Da Ban stream

The beauty of Da Ban stream

The stream is located in Cua Duong Commune, Phu Quoc district which looks like a unique artwork that attracts many tourists, especially international tourists. It is about 8 kilometers from the northeast of Duong Dong Town on the northeast of Phu Quoc Island.

Legend has it that these stones are where the fairies usually sit and bathe each time. Grade-layer rock layers’ bend around upstream. Here, visitors can find the area which is not deep to bathe. The water here is quite cold, so tourists should make their body warm up before going down and be careful when bathing because the moss is very much on the stones. To see the more beautiful place or take pictures, from the bathing place, travelers could go back upstream about 200 meters.

Da Ban stream is very suitable for outdoor activities with family or friends. Arriving in Phu Quoc and preparing for a small exploration of Phu Quoc Island which will make their exploring journey “Pearl Island” become much more interesting.

This next place to be mentioned in this article is Tien stream – one of the famous Vietnam tourist attractions.

Tien stream

Tien stream

Tien stream is famous for large, flat rocks in Phu Quoc. Located in a thick forest, Tien stream has a total length of about 1 kilometer. Although the stream lengthens about 1 kilometer, the natural scenery here is quite beautiful and peaceful. The stream running along the cliffs forms a small waterfall and a large lake at the end of the line.

If coming here from December to February, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the rhodomyrtus tomentosa on the banks of the stream. If visitors want to visit Tien stream, they can follow the following directions. Firstly, travelers start from Duong Dong town, they go to Suoi Da village in Duong To commune. It is about 5 kilometers, before turning left for 2 kilometers to go to Tien stream. After parking, tourists go along the trail which takes about 10 minutes to go to the stream.

Phú Quốc pepper garden – Travel to Southern Vietnam


Destinations in Phu Quoc have been rewarded by Mother Nature with multiple stunning landscapes. This isolated island offshore from Southern Vietnam also offers highly famed specialties, one of which is definitely pepper. Pepper gardens in Phu Quoc bring not only the best organic flavoring products but also a satisfying type of sightseeing. Let’s take a deeper look into this unique sensation to see if it’s worth spending your holiday for a Phu Quoc tour.


Phu Quoc Island

Considered as the largest pepper barns located just close by Mekong Delta, Khu Tượng is one of which that produces the highest quantity across the region. On the way to downtown, you would be left amazed at the vast greenish space of the pepper gardens on both sides. Each year, Phu Quoc pepper barns provide a large number of peppers at roughly 800 tons per year. The history of pepper planting in Phu Quoc has dated back hundreds of years ago when Phu Quoc citizens earned their living basically on the pepper cultivation by themselves. Approximately, 2 to 3 tons are recorded to be harvested over a hectare. Nowadays, there are up to over 700 households following this type of agriculture, which makes up coverage of 300 hectares. Harvest season comes from November to February next year in lunar calendar. Phu Quoc pepper is now greatly favored by not only Vietnamese locals but also worldwide nations as smartly applied with new technology, which aims at enhancing productivity whilst cost has been declined and the products themselves are able to be stored for a good amount of time. When taking a Phu Quoc family tour to this side, you will get to taste the real flavor of Phu Quoc pepper yourselves.


Phu Quoc pepper

Entering Phu Quoc pepper gardens, you will surely feel like stepping into a natural maze. Pepper trees are planted on the sharp aligned lines and taller than an average man size. Travelers can enjoy the greenish ambiance and have a wide range of interesting activities including witnessing farmers’ planting process. These pepper gardens attract a lot of visitors each year. After a sightseeing tour, you now have time to pick some of the best pepper products of your taste as a type of souvenir. Phu Quoc pepper has become an iconic appropriation thanks to its high quality, which gives out a slight fragrance and spiciness, unlike any other regular classifications. Using Phu Quoc pepper as an element for flavoring your dishes at your home is far more than just impeccable.


Get lost in the maze

Pepper trees in Phu Quoc are put a lot of effort in since the island is an endless source of nutrition. From above, the gardens give a fully satisfying look with vast greenish space that seems to be endless. Phu Quoc pepper gardens are definitely an ideal destination that helps you dispel your stressful problems in your busy life. Fresh air, serene scenery, friendly citizens are other values a Phu Quoc tour can serve you. Especially, over here, you are also able to capture the best angles for your photographs. Why not play a role of a local farmer working hard on his own farm? This will totally bring you a long-lasting memory.


Working on the cultivation

In addition, this ecotourism tour can be customized along with other sightseeing packages such as visiting floating fishing villages, traditional fish sauce factories, wine factories and a lot more. Phu Quoc pepper gardens play an essential part in diversifying different experiences for visitors. If a Phu Quoc private tour is a part of your plan, do not forget to pay a visit to Kiên Giang Province itself, of where Phu Quoc is a big part.


An up-close

Beside immense pepper gardens, Phu Quoc has been widely known as a paradise for beach lovers. Pristine seashore, tasty seafood, unique traditional handicraft villages and factories along with a tropical climate of Southern Vietnam are only a few interesting factors attracting you when landing on Phu Quoc. Now, what have you been waiting for? Just pack your bags and arrive in Phu Quoc right now, the rest of your trip will be taken care of the best local operators.