12 well worth seeing beaches like the paradise of Phu Quoc Island


Phu Quoc Island luckily possesses the endless coastline with white stretches of sand. The most famous beaches can be counted such as Sao Beach or Long Beach, however, there are many other pristine beaches and paradises waiting for you to discover in this summer vacation.

Truong Beach

Lying on Tran Hung Dao Street, Truong Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Duong To Commune. It was called as “Truong Beach” because the beach stretches about 20km from Dinh Cau Cape to Khoe Tau Ru. Truong Beach is divided into several areas, connected by rocky rapids, green trees and fishing villages hidden in the air.

Long Beach

Located in the Northwest of the island, Long Beach is such an indispensable factor when referring to Phu Quoc tourism as well as Vietnam beach tours because of its pristine beauty. In particular, Long Beach is at the top of the world’s 13 most pristine and beautiful beaches. With a length of about 1,500m, it is definitely a paradise on land with the clear blue water, and rows of green trees.


Long Beach

Sao Beach

Considered as the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc, sand in Sao beach is not like other beaches in Vietnam such as Nha Trang or Vung Tau but it is white and smooth like ice cream. Bai Sao is surrounded by two ranges of gentle mountains, which creates a quiet space and the fresh air for visitors.


Sao Beach

Khem Beach

Also known as Kem Beach, this beach, as well as other attractive beaches of Phu Quoc, have long stretches of white sand like powder. One special point of Khem Beach, which always impresses visitors, is the bow-shaped beach lying quietly and peacefully between 2 dark green forests.


Khem Beach

Ong Lang Beach

Here, you cannot find a continuously stretching beach like others but is interrupted and blocked by a lot of rocks. Coming to Ong Lang Beach during your Vietnam honeymoon tour, you will have a chance to enjoy the cool drinks, get a massage and go sunbathing on the long benches.

Ganh Dau Beach

The water in Ganh Dau Beach is very clean and clear. It seems like the purity of the sea is still kept here. Perhaps that is the reason why the seafood here is so diverse and extremely fresh.


Seafood in Phu Quoc

Thom Beach

The darker color of the sand of Thon Beach along with the mountain scenery here will certainly make you feel overwhelmed when arriving in your Vietnam beach vacation. Especially, to Thom beach, you can cross a road at sea about 100m in length to discover the wild Mot Island full of purple sea flowers.


Thom Beach

Rach Vem Beach

Located in the North of the island, Rach Vem is a relatively small and quiet fishing village. There are some deserted beaches along the coast, but the area has been designated for the construction of multi-million dollar resort complexes. This is the only beach remaining true to the wild nature of Phu Quoc with the homes of the Cambodian people who crossed the border to live and settle down.

Vung Bau Beach

In the Northwest of the island, it seems that Vung Bau Beach is hiding between Ong Lang Beach and Long Beach. This beach is crescent-moon-shaped and quite deserted, very suitable for sea activities such as swimming, diving and kayaking. This clean beach is a perfect destination for Vietnam beach tour for couples and families because there are several accommodations in communal-house style scattered in surrounding areas.

Ba Keo Beach

Ba Keo Beach is located right in the heart of Duong Dong Town. This is also a beautiful beach preferred much by foreign tourists in their Vietnam beach tours. There used to be a few hotels and resorts having occupied the Ba Keo Beach Ba, causing obstacles for local people and tourists but now they all have been removed.

Cua Can beach

Cua Can Beach is located on the west coast, about 6km to the north of Duong Dong town and near Cua Can Commune. One interesting point of this beach is that it was formed from the intersection of the ocean and the flow of the Cua Can River, which created a picturesque stretch of sand.

Vong Beach

Vong Beach lies in Ham Ninh fishing village. When the water is low, you can easily see the immensity of the sandy beach, however, when the water rises, it floods the whole beach. To Vong Beach, it is highly recommended to arrive in the early mornings or moonlit nights so that you can enjoy the entire beauty of Phu Quoc Beach.

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