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All little things about Vietnam group tours in Con Dao Prison


If you travel in groups and would love to discover the history, Vietnam group tours in Con Dao Prison will be an excellent idea.

What makes Con Dao Prison worth paying a visit?

It reveals a heart-breaking part of Vietnam history


Con Dao prison

You may wonder why people would want to visit a prison on their vacation. However, if you have some knowledge about Vietnam history, you will see that Con Dao deserves to be one of the best places in South Vietnam group tours.

The prison was established in 1862 by Bonard – the governor of South Vietnam. This was a system of prison that consists of various areas in close and tiger cages. Together with Phu Quoc Prison, Con Dao Prison used to be the place where Vietnamese communist soldiers were detained. There were times when hundreds of people were kept and chained here.

The jailers applied many methods of physical and mental tortures on them. The prison was special because it used to be compared to “hell on Earth”, which made the whole world astounded. Within over 100 years, about 20,000 Vietnamese of many generations were imprisoned and even killed here.

It was genuinely a heart-breaking phase in the history that many people in Vietnam always shed their tears thinking about it.

It is an ideal destination for you to learn about Vietnam


Methods of torture

Heroes always come at difficult times. And they are not far from us. They are around us and even hide among us. This is the first thing what you will be able to learn when visiting Con Dao Prison.

Numerous feats of arms of famous revolutionaries who were imprisoned here are shown on the boards placed inside the prison. Huynh Thuc Khang, Ton Duc Thang, Le Duan, or Pham Hung are some outstanding names.

Another thing that you may have a chance to witness is the undaunted spirit of the Vietnamese in the old times. The prison is divided into many jail cells, each of which has hundreds of confining and torturing rooms. Phu Tuong Jail Cell is probably the most frightening one with 120 confining rooms, tiger cages, and 60 rooms for drying prisoners under the sun.

All of the rooms can make you feel spine-chilling because the instruments of tortures are too fierce. But Vietnamese soldiers had to suffer from the pain and fear that those tortures created for many years. Besides being confined, the prisoners were also famished and left to die.

Some experiences for your tour


Boat to Con Dao

When should you visit Con Dao Prison?

Anytime would be a great time to visit the prison. The two common seasons for you to have Con Dao Prison group tours in Vietnam are the wet season and the dry season.

The wet season is from March to September. The rain in this season is rarely longer than 1 hour and there is sunlight almost every day. The wet season is the best choice if you want to have an entire tour of the island. Otherwise, just book your ticket to Con Dao Island on the dry season, which is from October to February. You can have a day tour to Con Dao Prison and then go back to the city. The dry season here is not so hot so feel free to visit the prison as long as you want.

How to get to Con Dao Prison?

Con Dao Island is about 180 kilometers far from Vung Tau City. There are two ways for travelers to get there and have the best tour in Vietnam. One of which is to travel by water and the other is by air.

  • By water

You can get to Con Dao by taking a boat from Vung Tau City. Booking tickets online is the best way to reserve your seat. After transferring the money, you need to call the box office to confirm your payment. One thing that you should pay attention to is to arrive at the port 5 hours before the time. If not, the ticket will be sold to some others even though you have already paid the fare.

  •  By air

If you have a large budget, you can buy a flight ticket. It takes only 45 minutes to fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao Island. In case you start from Hanoi, you will need to transit in Can Tho or Ho Chi Minh City. After arriving at Co Ong Airport, you can take any taxi around that area and start your Vietnam group tours to the prison.

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