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Do you know where the fanciest resort in Phú Quốc, Vietnam is?


As a consequence of the newly-emerging relaxation paradise of the World, Phú Quốc Islands, Vietnam have brought a new bunch of lodging ideas and alternatives to those hunting for different types of accommodation in their Vietnam beach tour. However not many are aware of one special resort lying all on shore, in the sea, and up the hill. Welcome to Nam Nghi Resort Phú Quốc, the finest-designed construction on the islands of Phú Quốc.

From the stunning ecotourism-inclined choice…

Nam Nghi Resort Phú Quốc is indeed a cannot-be-skipped lodging paradise for those whose all-time passion is to experience a raw and authentic vibe in the connection of greenish woods and the deep blue ocean. Enclosed by the immeasurably high century-old trees, a chain of various shady trees running to the long seashore, the accommodation space of Nam Nghi gathers an entire primitive jungle, sheer rocks along with a unique ecosystem of coral reefs.



Nam Nghi Resort sits 25 kilometers away from Dương Đông Town towards the side of Bắc Đảo (Northern Island). If Phú Quốc has been long known for receiving quite a lot of gifts from Mother Nature, then Nam Nghi Resort at Móng Tay Cape gets the most of which. This is one of the reasons why Phú Quốc cannot be left behind once you are picking on what is able to offer you the best beach tours in Vietnam.


Where Nam Nghi is found

With an utmost use of nature-oriented materials such as stones, rocks or wood from the local city itself throughout the entire construction, Nam Nghi hence holds in itself a great sense of rustic ambiance that goes along with a harmonious fusion with the surrounding outside. A decision to stay over for a couple of nights at this lodge in your Vietnam beach vacation to Phú Quốc would surely give you a mind-blowing feeling.


A stunning scene

The idea of making use of nature-inclined materials as the input elements from the locality delivers a good connection with the enclosing ecosystem as well as brings a loving rustic attractiveness to those who decide to spend their nights with Nam Nghi.


Rustic ambiance

When put on the scale against other resort in the list only standing along the coastline, Nam Nghi Phú Quốc gets to stand out so imposingly and exceptionally. Three big criteria that bring such huge reputation to Nam Nghi Resort Phú Quốc are three ideal construction locations: on-island, in-land, and in-sea.


Hidden in the woods

… to the brilliant interior selection and service

Nam Nghi Phú Quốc introduces to you its collection of 63 hotel rooms and 39 villas facing the East and the West. Some of the villas are built running along the cliffs right next to the seaside, under the trees whose shade is to bring out a natural hide-out and welcome better sunlight to the ground.

Lying in contrast to the wild exterior décor, the villas’ interior furnishing is made out of natural wood and rocks in order to bring out the similar rustic sense yet not ruining the intended modern breath in each sleeping room. An average cost at Nam Nghi Resort Phú Quốc varies around VND 6.000.000 a night in the category of hotel rooms and in between USD 1.000 to 3.000 a night for villas.


With an amazing view

Beside the listed lodging options above, Nam Nghi Resort Phú Quốc is bringing you to its high-end recreation lounge, the stunning Rock Sunset Island Bar, an isolated bar on a small island of Phú Quốc. Guess what! This is the best brilliant spot to watch sunset up and down the length of the country. Given all of these excellent standards, would your Vietnam beach tours for family feature Nam Nghi Resort in it?


On the seaside

This is literally the finest resort lodge all over Phú Quốc you have ever found. The place takes you, the best nature lovers to a whole new level of an amazing leisure trip at one of the finest beaches in Vietnam. The diversified experiences with nature at Nam Nghi Resort Phú Quốc come along with an absolute perception, an insight into those which you thought it would never exist. Above all, Nam Nghi delivers a better amount of values to your utmost trip that cannot be found anywhere else.

If a luxury Vietnam beach tour is what you have long for by far, why not let Nam Nghi Resort Phú Quốc help you settle it?

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