Phu Quoc is well known as “the island paradise” of Vietnam that attracts millions of tourists every year. If you are planning to take a Phu Quoc tour for your next journey, Hon Thom is an ideal suggestion for you. The followings will introduce you some interesting things this great destination.

The legend of Hon Thom

Hon Thom is famous for not only the romantic beauty but also the interesting legend that is handed down through many generations. According to the legend, Hon Thom is one of the refuges of Lord Nguyen during the revenge after the defeat at the Tay Son insurrection.

How to get there?


Another corner of Hon Thom

Hon Thom has an area of 5.7 square kilometers to the South of Phu Quoc Island. It is known as the precious jewel of this peninsula. To arrive at this place, tourists can go by taxi or by car. Tourists have to spend about 30 minutes driving from An Thoi harbor to the center of Dong Duong Town. Afterward, you need 30 minutes more to go to Hon Thom.

On the other hand, visitors can go by the sling to Hon Thom with the total length of more than 7, 899 meters from Hon Roi and Hon Dua to Hon Thom. The sling is the combination of Sun Group and the leader of Kien Giang and Phu Quoc People’s Committee. This Phu Quoc luxury tour will bring you a lot of amazing experiences when enjoying the beauty of Phu Quoc from above. The price is 500,000 VND for adult and 350,000 VND for a child.

The wonderful beauty of Hon Thom


The green coconut

Located in An Thoi Peninsula, Hon Thom is a favorite destination for a number of tourists when having a Southern Vietnam tour.  Hon Thom is known for the attractive beauty like the Maldives of the Indian Ocean. The images of the green coconut prints on the smooth sand, along with the blue sea, the wild forest, and the spectacular natural rock will make an impression on you at the first sight.

Coming to Hon Thom, remember to visit the beautiful beaches such as Nam Beach, Chuong Beach, Chao Beach, etc. If you are interested in exploring, you can rent a boat to visit every corner of the wild island. Otherwise, visitors can try the adventurous underwater games, conquest the rocky rapids, or explore the simple life of the locals on the island. All these will make your trip more perfect and enjoyable.

Things to do



Go fishing

This is one of the most exciting activities on Hon Thom that attracts many tourists. It is truly wonderful for you to enjoy the feeling when sitting on the boat, sip a cold beer, and fish with your family or friends. Phu Quoc Island is famous for the rich and diverse marine ecosystem, therefore; it is surely successful for you to “hunt” here. Besides, squid fishing usually starts at night so you have to arrange your time suitably in order to get the most interesting experiences.

Corals sightseeing


Corals sightseeing

A Phu Quoc luxury tour to Hon Thom cannot miss diving and contemplating the great beauty of the coral reefs. The sea in Hon Thom is not only clean with blue water but also has a number of colorful coral reefs, along with the diverse marine ecosystem. Although the sea is quite safe, you should not dive into the coral reef by yourself. It will better for you to follow the instructions of the rescue workers to have the most exploration of the ocean.

Catching sea urchin


Catching sea urchin

This amazing activity will absolutely become an unforgettable experience for you. The people are ready to guide visitors on how to catch the sea urchin that is one of the unique specialties of the Phu Quoc sea area. It would be truly great to eat grilled sea urchin that you catch by yourself.

Buying pearls


The pearls in Hon Thom

Around Hon Thom, there are a lot of cages for aquaculture and pearls. Therefore, when coming to this place, in addition to enjoying the fresh seafood at the price of “chestnut”, you can contemplate the process of pearl exploitation as well as buy them as a great present for the family. Many couples choose this activity for their honeymoon tour in Phu Quoc.

The above are some interesting things about Hon Thom that you should know before having a Phu Quoc tour here. Hope that you will get a nice trip with many memorable experiences.

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