Honeymoon tour to Vietnam: an absolutely perfect choice for newly-weds


After a tough time preparing for a wedding, couples must have been definitely exhausted and eager to enjoy private vibes. It’s time to relax after a series of working your fingers to the bone.

Traveling with your darling is definitely a rewarding experience of your lifetime. More importantly, a great opportunity for newly-weds to get to know each other more. Honeymoon tour to Vietnam is obviously a great chance to spend time and share incredibly beautiful moments and experiences with lovers.

Honeymoon is the best time

Honeymoon is the wonderful time after wedding (Source: Internet)

Couple tour has become trendy these days because it helps much to strengthen couple’s relationship. Vietnam, which is always regarded one of the most worth-visiting countries in the world, possesses several attractions for honeymoon tours that newly-wed couples cannot help paying attention. Followings  from are some fascinating destinations for Couple Tours in Vietnam.

Da Lat

Dalat, Vietnam

Da Lat, Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Located in the Central Highlands, Da Lat is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. Visitors from every single part of the world come here to explore the tranquil beauty of a mountainous city that is renowned as the “little Paris” of Vietnam. The romantic atmosphere makes Da Lat the most suitable place for those planning to head their honeymoon tour to Vietnam. Some must-visit destinations in Da Lat are Langbiang Mountain, Da Lat Flower Gardens, Xuan Huong Lake, and the Valley of Love. Couples may walk hand-in-hand and take photos to record their romantic moments here.


Sapa, Vietnam

Lovers shooting photos in Sapa (Source: Internet)

Sapa, where presents the cluster of Eastern and Western cultures, is undoubtedly a great honeymoon destination in northwest Vietnam. Visiting Sapa, travelers will be amazed by the majestic beauty of the dense jungle and colorful terraced rice fields. Couples also have a chance to try on the traditional clothes of tribal people and experience the daily lives of them when visiting some local villages such as Cat Cat, Ta Van, and Sin Chai village. Sapa Love Market, as is name indicates, is another must-stop destination for couple tours. Or you can pay a visit to Fansipan – the summit of Indochina to have a bird’s eye view of the incredibly beautiful mountains.


Hue by night

Hue by night (Source: Internet)

Once the capital of Vietnam, Hue possesses many beautiful attractions for couple tours. Regarded the most romantic city in Vietnam, Hue has always been one of the best places to travel in Vietnam for a honeymoon. There are several destinations to visit in the city such as the Imperial Citadel of Hue, Thien Mu Padoga, and Trang Tien Bridge. Those places are even more attractive to history-fan couples. Going on a dragon boat along the poetic Perfume River and listen to Imperial Court Music are also great options for a night in Hue. Additionally, there are many resorts in Lang Co Beach available for couples wanting to have a luxury tour.

Phu Quoc

Watching coral reefs in Phu Quoc

Watch coral reefs in Phu Quoc (Source: Internet)

Nestled in the southernmost area of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is considered the Pearl Island of Vietnam. The largest island of Vietnam consists of many beautiful beaches. Visitors love at first sight the softy sand and tranquil seawater of Phu Quoc Beaches. Not only can couples dive into the cool seawater to explore the coral reefs, it is also extremely romantic to watch the sunset together. In addition, Phu Quoc is famous for its pearl farm. You can pay a visit and buy a pearl necklace as a gift for your lover. It is a perfect place if you plan to head your honeymoon tour to Vietnam.

Better trips with Vietnam travel agency

If you are about to spend your honeymoon in Vietnam but you still don’t understand much about the country, contacting with tour agencies is a SHOULD. Remember to consider carefully when choosing a Vietnam travel agency as many of them are a copycat and badly-reputed company.

Do not hesitate, pack your luggage and enjoy your sweet honeymoon!

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