Phu Quoc honeymoon tours

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, immerse in the fresh air and savor fresh seafood dishes, Phu Quoc Island is a truly attractive destination for a Vietnam honeymoon tour.

Best time to travel to Phu Quoc

Best time to travel to Phu Quoc

Best time to travel to Phu Quoc (Source: Internet)

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, between Vietnam and Cambodia, Phu Quoc Island, like other places at this geographical latitude, has a tropical climate that varies throughout the year. Therefore, on planning your trip to Phu Quoc, it is wise to know what kind of weather conditions to expect. Phu Quoc’s climate is monsoonal and sub-equatorial tropical with two distinct seasons: the dry season lasting from November to March (the next year) and the monsoon season from April to October.

The dry season when the weather is really mild and comfortable is thought to be the best time to visit Phu Quoc Island. And as usual, it is the high tourist season. If you want to avoid the rains and the rough seas, the dry season is also a great option. It is also the time for some big holidays in Vietnam like Christmas, Western New Year and Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It is your chance to enjoy such a festive atmosphere. However, expect the pretty high rates.

Nice weather in Phu Quoc

Nice weather in Phu Quoc (Source: Internet)

In spite of the heavy rains, the wet season possesses its own favorable feature. It is the chance to find only you and your beloved on the beach and to be embraced by the great ocean on your Vietnam honeymoon. Such a wonderful memory!

It is difficult to provide you with a reasonably accurate picture of the weather to expect on Phu Quoc Island for an enjoyable and relaxing journey, the best time to visit Phu Quoc depends on what you interest first for your holiday in this impressive island. However, phuquocislandreviews just want to say something to calm you: Phu Quoc is beautiful all year-round, each season has its own beauty and advantage, therefore, do not hesitate to plan your trip to this Emerald Island.

Phu Quoc honeymoon tours

If a tranquil, novelistic environment away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, where time is inconsequential is what you are seeking for your Vietnam honeymoon tour, then Phu Quoc is the best backdrop for all these things.

Where to go and what to do on your Phu Quoc honeymoon tours?

Phu Quoc beaches

Phu Quoc honeymoon tour

Phu Quoc honeymoon tour (Source: Internet)

Even though Phu Quoc Island is not Vietnam’s best-kept secret anymore, it is still possible to enjoy your private time for the celebration of your love here. What can be more romantic than walking hands in hands on the smooth white beach, soaking in the warm blue water of the ocean, seeing the squid fishing ocean boats coming back to the land in the early morning, or you two simply enjoying time together in such an intimate, secluded, and most importantly, beautiful setting?

Some beautiful beaches to visit in your Phu Quoc honeymoon tours are Vung Bau, Dai Beach (one of the prettiest beaches in Phu Quoc), Ong Lang Beach, Ganh Dau Beach (where the clear turquoise waters shine like a diamond), Sao Beach (the most famous name), Khem Beach, Long Beach, Thom Beach, Cua Can Beach and Vong Beach. Though each of them has its own distinct feature, they all give you the pleasurable feelings.

A one-of-a-kind dinner on the beach

 Dinner on Phu Quoc beach

A romantic dinner on the beach (Source: Internet)

It is not exaggerating to call Phu Quoc, which has graceful beaches and a lot of natural charm attractions, as Maldives or Bali of Vietnam. A dinner with mouthwatering fresh food, wine, and colorful flowers set-up on a small wooden pier that stretches into the shallows of the water, under the candlelight is hard to find elsewhere. Phu Quoc’s glimmering natural greenery creates a perfect background for your dinner time while the whisper of waves seems to tell out loud your love stories.  

Taking part in some outdoor activities such as fishing, snorkelling, and scuba diving or paying a visit to the fish sauce factories on your Vietnam honeymoon tour in Phu Quoc Island is not a bad idea.

With charming beaches and a lot of natural charm attractions, Phu Quoc is undoubtedly one of the best places for a Vietnam honeymoon tour.