Phu Quoc Travel Reviews: what to eat in Phu Quoc?


Cuisine is what makes a place much more impressive to travelers. You cannot leave a place without eating its special foods. Phu Quoc Cuisine is not an exception. Followings from phuquocislandreviews are my Phu Quoc Travel Reviews on some of its cannot-miss dishes.

What to eat in Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc – the Pearl of Vietnam provides tourists with a lot of specialties. When I visited the island, one of the most impressive things to me was the food options. They are as attractive as its stunning beaches! Some Phu Quoc delicacies are:

Goi Ca Trich (Herring Salad)

Herring Salad is one of my favorite dishes in Phu Quoc Island. This dish is popular as it provides many nutrients essential for human health.

Goi Ca Trich

“Goi Ca Trich” Phu Quoc (Source: Internet)

“Goi Ca Trich” is made by mixing chopped filet herrings, onion, lemon juice, and some slides of chili pepper. Herring salad is served with rolled rice paper, fresh herbs and fish sauce. A herring salad roll which is dip into Phu Quoc special fish sauce is heavenly tasty. Phu Quoc people often drink “Sim” wine (Rose myrtle wine) when eating herring salad as it is much better for digestion.

Ghe Ham Ninh (Ham Ninh Sea Crab)

I tried this delicacy when paying a visit to Ham Ninh Fishing Village. “Ghe” is the Vietnamese name of sea crab. Ham Ninh crab is quite small, but firmer and tastier than other kinds of crabs. This dish is a must-try food in any Phu Quoc Food Tours.

Ghe Ham Ninh

Ghe Ham Ninh is a favourite Phu Quoc seafood (Source: Internet)

The price ranges from VND 200,000 ($9) to VND 500,000 ($25) per kilogram, depending on the size of crabs. You should choose the medium size (6-7 crabs/kg) as it is the perfect size that offers best tastes.

I bought 2 kg of medium-sized crabs (about 13 crabs) for 5 people. I chose female crabs as I heard that the roe of female ones is tasty. In my country people only eat the claws, thus I wanted to try eating in an Asian way. And of course, it lived up to my expectation. The roe is really tasty!

Grilled “Coi Bien Mai” (Grilled Scallops)

Grilled Coi Bien Mai

Grilled “Coi Bien Mai” (Source: Internet)

The dish is made from a kind of sea scallop that has a triangle-shaped shell, hides deeply under the ocean floor and is about an adult’s backhand. Travelers can harvest scallops on their own. “Coi bien mai” can be cooked into different delicious, nutritious dishes, but the most recommended dish in most of Phu Quoc Travel Reviews is the grilled one. It is really crunchy and chewy to sample!

Beside the 3 most impressive above, there are also many other dishes that will amaze you. You can try fresh food at any seafood eateries along the beaches in Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc Specialties

Not only does Phu Quoc have delicious dishes to eat but there are also many other specialties that travelers can buy home as souvenirs. The most famous gift is Phu Quoc pearl, but it is not a food, so I don’t mention it here. Followings are two great things in Phu Quoc that you can bring home.

Fish Sauce

Like wine in France and olive oil in Italy, fish sauce is the prized staple of Vietnam, as it is used in soups and marinades or diluted into a sauce that accompanies foods from spring rolls to noodles. And the best of the best, as widely agreed among Vietnamese, comes from Phu Quoc. The Phu Quoc name is so coveted and abused in the fish sauce industry that local producers have been working with the World Trade Organization to protect its appellation of origin.

Fish Sauce Factory in Phu Quoc

Fish sauce factory in Phu Quoc (Source: Internet)

Fish sauce tastes salty at first, but the aftertaste is sweet. It is thus a great flavor-enhancer, increasingly used by American chefs, who have even begun incorporating it into non-Asian dishes to add flavor when something seems to be lacking.

As mentioned in my previous Phu Quoc Travel Reviews, I visited the fish sauce factory and was shown the process of making this sauce. I bought home some bottles for my own use as well as for others.

Sim Wine

Also known as “Ruou Sim” or “Rose Myrtle Wine”, Sim Wine is a type of wine that is made from Rose Myrtle fruits. Local people often drink Sim Wine when eating seafood.

Sim Wine

Rose Myrtle fruit to make Sim Wine (Source: Internet)

Locals believe that Sim Wine can help with fatigue, aid digestion, and may reduce pain. However, there are still no medical tests to prove their claims. The wine tastes wonderful, though. It tastes like a fermented blackcurrant alcoholic beverage with the scent of flowers. As for me, Sim Wine is even much better than normal French wine. Sim Wine is perfect for parties and gatherings!

There are still many other Phu Quoc specialties such as Phu Quoc pepper and dried seafood products. You can easily buy them at local markets.

Above are some reviews on Phu Quoc Foods that are worth eating. Your Phu Quoc Trip won’t be complete if you don’t sample these tasty dishes!


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