Tailor-made private Vietnam tour: January specials!

If you are looking for some information about Vietnam in its first month then you are in luck! phuquocislandreviews gathers here details of the weather, some pieces of advice and a list of recommended locations for those who want to travel to Vietnam in January.



This is the time everything starts drying up. However, it is still rather humid in Vietnam’s Northern region. That is why it might feel colder than the actual forecasted temperature. For example, in Hanoi, 15 degree Celsius might feel like just 10 degree Celsius. Also, it is expected to be very foggy. In the South, it is warmer and overall more pleasant for visitors, especially for our people who do not want to experience what seems to be the piercing cold of the North. There can be some drizzles, but hard showers are rare.  

What to expect

In late January, when it is nearing Tet – also known as Lunar New Year, you are likely to run into more crowds in big cities as the locals prepare for Tet. Local items are usually on display with many specialties of Vietnam you can try. Destinations in Northern region are said to be more mystical during this time due to the mist. You can try your luck and maybe have a clear day with sunshine. It is also a great time to be in the Southern region.

It should also be noted that Tet holiday is the high season for tourism. Pagodas and temples are also crowded as Vietnamese people choose this auspicious time of the year to pray for good fortune and luck.

What to pack

It is recommended that you bring lightweight items that can be layered up. Pack also your scarves and hats. That is the most valuable Vietnam travel advice we have known. Be prepared for the unpredictable weather. Do not forget about your waterproof jackets!

And here are some of our favorite January locations in Vietnam:


A city of traditions and culture. If you fancy visiting lots of attractions then Hanoi is the place. It is also famed for its delicious cuisine. So do not forget to try Hanoi’s specialties when you are here. Sampling street food, as the locals do, is a great way of enjoying it.

Do check the weather before you book your hotels and tours as it might be too cold for some visitors.

Bird shop in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Bird shop in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Da Nang

A coastal city for those who prefer long walks on the beach. The weather is generally cool and breezy, not too cold for a dip in the sea. Da Nang is also a smart choice for visitors who want to save some hard-earned money. The service at this time is definitely cheaper than when in summer.

You can always find fresh and yummy seafood in the city at a reasonable price.

Da Nang’s coastline

Da Nang’s coastline


This is another promising destination. Dalat in January has that vitality beauty for this is the season of blooming Himalayan cherry and sour cherry, or “Mai anh dao” in Vietnamese. The town’s fresh and cool air is also another plus. Wandering around the town in the cool climate and breezy weather is the perfect way to unwind and relax for you.

Da Lat’s Himalayan cherry blossoms 

Da Lat’s Himalayan cherry blossoms                         

Phu Quoc

If you want a beach holiday in Vietnam in January, Phu Quoc is your best bet!

Phu Quoc is at its best from the month of November to March with sunny skies and an average temperature of 27 degree Celsius. It also has those special private beaches for you to unwind in serenity. Water-based activities like kayaking and snorkeling are also very tempting to many visitors.

Also, try its renowned black pepper and high-quality fish sauce. As said, January is during its high season so you might want to make your reservations in advance.

Peaceful Phu Quoc

Peaceful Phu Quoc

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, or Saigon, is a more exciting choice. Bustling streets, quiet alleys, classy restaurants, tasty street stalls, pavement cafes, and many more, Saigon has it all for you. Its welcoming weather is mild, which is pleasurable to most tourists. The city in the sunshine is perfect for travelers to explore and photograph its every corner.

Saigon by night

Saigon by night

Travelling itself is such a pleasant experience. But, believe it or not, we can make it even better for you! Here we always provide tailor-made tours for travelers. Let professionals plan your trip and ensure the best service within your budget for you. Enjoy your trip to the fullest.