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The practical guide to having the best Phu Quoc tour in Rach Vem village


Phu Quoc Island is always the most excellent suggestion for summer holidays. And Rach Vem fishing village is one of the most recommended spots. Regarded as “the kingdom of starfishes,” it will give you the best Phu Quoc tour.

Where is Rach Vem fishing village?

Rach Vem fishing village

Rach Vem fishing village

Beautiful beaches, blue clear sea-water, and long-lasting seashore are probably the first things that remind people of Phu Quoc Island. On that romantic scenery, Rach Vem fishing village appears remoted and peaceful. Besides Ham Ninh village, it is an old-aged small fishing town in Phu Quoc.

Located on the North side of the island, which is about 20 kilometers far from Duong Dong Town, this village is attracting numerous tourists to Phu Quoc day tours. There are over 170 residents and about 400 people living here. All of them are hospitable, faithful, and open-minded.

Their main career is fishing. However, when tourism started growing on the island, they built floating houses and did self-supported business. It means that they have been fishing not only to sell at markets but also to serve travelers visiting the village every year.

What to prepare?

Before beginning the best Phu Quoc group tour with your friends, you can rent a motorcycle by asking the receptionist at your hotel. It takes about 130,000 – 150,000 dongs/day ($5.64-$6.51). If you are worried about the safety of motorcycles, renting a car will be the most suitable solution. It is going to cost you 600,000 dongs/day ($26)

Packing up

Packing up

Several items that you ought to prepare are goggles, wide-brimmed hat, sandals, sun cream, swimsuit, clothes, towels, and any other things that you think you need.

How to get there?

Hung Vuong Road is a common path that people usually follow. Starting from the center of Duong Dong Town, you can go along Hung Vuong Road until you get to Cua Can Bridge. After crossing it, you need to turn right at the first intersection and then turn left at the second one. Rach Vem fishing village will be only about 5 kilometers away.

What should you do for fun?

  • Sea-bathing

Similar to other beaches on Phu Quoc Island, the sea-water on Rach Vem beaches is blue clear and cool. You will have a chance to see the pearl-white sand while sea-bathing and listen to the rustling sound of coconut trees in the wind.

Different from other tourist spots on the island, the beaches around the village are still quite desolated. So just have fun with your friends and family whenever you like. You will not have to worry about too many travelers or high prices. The beaches are opened all day and all night.

  • Visiting houseboats

There are three houseboats for you to discover in Rach Vem fishing village. The furthest one is the Love Houseboat. It is perfect for families and will make one of the best tours in Vietnam for couples. Because this is the furthest one, the water here is incredibly clean. It will take you about 5 minutes to walk on a boardwalk to a wharf and another 5 minutes on a tiny boat to get to the houseboat.

In case you don’t want to go that far, Thu Bao or Quoc Tai houseboat are more reasonable places to visit. Standing on them, you will be able to see magnificent landscapes, feel the breeze, and watch the shoals swimming under the water. 

  • Contemplating starfishes



There are reasons why Rach Vem fishing village is called “the kingdom of starfishes.” These creatures seem to appear everywhere. Sometimes, they dig themselves in the sea-water. But some other times, you can find them lying sun-bathing on the beach.

In short, they are very easy to look for. Hence, don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures with them. Starfishes will bring much more fun to your trip.

Some tips for tourists

These are some useful tips to have the most exciting Phu Quoc tour in Rach Vem fishing village.

  • The price for rental motorcycles or cars can change depending on seasons. In tourist seasons, it can rise up to 250,000 dongs/motorcycle/day ($10.85) and 1,200,000 dongs/car/day ($52.07)
  • Traveling to Rach Vem village on a boat is quite fascinating. You can book tours or rent private boats, which takes about 3,000,000 dongs ($130.17) for 2-3 hours. Travel agencies on Phu Quoc Island will help you.
  • There are quite many houseboats in Rach Vem village. Nevertheless, they offer the same food and landscapes. Also, all of them have boats to drive you to their places without charging any fees. The seafood prices in houseboats are only about 10,000 – 20,000 dongs difference.
  • After having lunch, you can fish on your houseboat. The baits and fishing-rods are always ready for you. And especially, they are free.
  • If you want to catch some starfishes and bring them home as a gift, just tell the villagers. They will do it for you and not take any money.

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