Vietnam Tourist selections should be chosen onset of autumn

When visiting Vietnam, you will probably want to take advantage of some Vietnam tours. First, you will fly into a major city like Hanoi or HCMC. When you have done many of the wonderful attractions these cities have to offer, you might be ready to escape the hustle and bustle of the crazy city and make your way to a quiet beach town like Vung Tau.

Here you will be able to enjoy many of the relaxing and calming activities that the big city does not offer. For example, you can eat great seafood at some legendary and lively seafood restaurants. You can get a suntan and enjoy some of the country's best beaches. There are also many local sights that will help you learn about Vietnam culture and history. There are some destinations in Vietnam, and Vung Tau is definitely one of them. Remember, the weather in the South is much different than the North. Therefore, there are some optimal times to travel. The south is much warmer than the North. You will be able to enjoy the nice climate and the lovely beaches. The best time to travel to Vung Tau in Vietnam would be the months of June, July, and August.

The angle of Vung Tau beach from above

The angle of Vung Tau beach from above

Now, let’s get to the real reason why you came to Vung Tau. The beaches! The best time to visit the Vung Tau beaches is in July. The legendary Back Beach is the beach to visit if you are looking for a large, sandy beach with swimming. Bring your friends, family, a cooler of cold drinks, and get ready to swim in paradise. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen! The beaches are one of the main reasons people travel to Southern Vietnam. If you are looking for a beach with more people and is great for people-watching, you should visit Front Beach. There is a large walking promenade where people from all over the world are hanging out and enjoying life. It is a great place for people watching and meeting new and interesting people…

One lovely couple enjoy their trip with a lot of sheep in Vung Tau destination

One lovely couple enjoy their trip with a lot of sheep in Vung Tau destination

For some other must-see destinations, be sure to visit the Vung Tau lighthouse and the Christ of Vung Tau statue. These are some local attractions that are unique to Vung Tau and will provide you with some local history and culture… You can also check out the nightlife in Vung Tau. There are many restaurants and bars that will satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. You can take a short taxi cab or do some walking at night and enjoy the fresh cool air and the local people. You can also check out the French Field Guns. These six massive cannons, all with support trenches, demonstrate how strategically important Cap St Jacques was to the colonial authorities. In addition, the White Villa is an interesting and unique site to see in Vung Tau. It was the weekend retreat of French governor Paul Doumer (later a French president).

Spiritual Kito God Statue

Spiritual Kito God Statue with the act of opening two arms to protect city’s peace

Quiet high Pig Hill for tourists

Quiet high Pig Hill for tourists who want to enjoy the whole of Vung Tau Beach

There are so many things to do in Vung Tau. This is why it is one of the top travel destinations in Vietnam. It offers exceptional food, amazing scenery, and tons of daily activities. Most importantly, it is a calm and soothing beach town that offers a great escape from the noise and traffic of the big cities. Enjoy Vung Tau and be sure to include it as one of your must-see destinations as you tour Vietnam. Besides, some other Southern Vietnam destinations are so amazing that you shouldn’t skip. The climate, scenery, and foods of these ones also equally attract you at the first-minute impressions as Vung Tau. Therefore, you can drop in some to totally discover more Vietnam.