Vung Tau tourism handbook

Vung Tau has long been considered as an attractive tourist destination, due to its natural beauty. Nowadays, more and more people choose Vung Tau for their Vietnam tailor-made tours. Here are some suggestions for visitors to make an unforgettable voyage in Vung Tau.

The romantic spectacle of Vung Tau

The romantic spectacle of Vung Tau

1. The best time to travel Vung Tau

Weather in Vung Tau is generally quite stable. It's not too hot in summer or too cold in winter.The average temperature is moderate all through the year. So you do not need to worry too much when traveling here. However, to explore the most tranquil and unspoiled spectacle of Vung Tau, it is better to avoid holidays or the weekend. Because tourists usually flock to this place at this time. The crowd of tourists makes the price of services also higher than normal days.

It will be a pity if you miss a chance to take the unique photos of the cotton plants in Vung Tau.

Each season, Vung Tau owns a private beauty. In addition, in Vung Tau there are a lot of cotton plants. When the cotton season comes, the white color of cotton covering a region of heaven. What really a romantic scenery! You can espouse as an ideal time to go to Vung Tau.

2. Where to go in Vung Tau?

Vung Tau has many locations in which attract an enormous number of people. Here is some ideal site for your Vung Tau tourism handbook.

Bai Truoc – Bai Sau

When visiting Vung Tau, tourists overlook these two beaches, it seems that you have not really come to this land. If Bai Truoc has advantages near the hotel, the main playground of Vung Tau, Bai Sau is the place to attract tourists to swim here. The seaboard becomes more charming at dawn time or sunset.

Bai Truoc Vung Tau

Bai Truoc Vung Tau is an attractive tourist spot for a lot of visitors

Coc Lake – Tram Lake

Although Vung Tau is a major tourist city in the South and attracts millions of visitors every year. However, these two beaches still retain its pristine and primitive character. Walk barefoot in the sand, immersed yourself in the sea wind, contemplate the waves and coconut ranges, all beautiful as a watercolor picture. Moreover, the sea here is also very small waves, smooth and white sand, clear blue water, so you can bath in the beach without worrying.

This is also the ideal wedding venue for couples, where they can enjoy full of love moments and create the happiest, warmest photos for wedding couples.

Lon Mountain – Nho Mountain

Lon Mountain is located in the North of Vung Tau City and Nho Mountain is located in the south of the city, the two mountains as two brothers embrace and protect each other. Especially, when you climb these two mountains you will have an overall view of the city. Space here is very immense, peaceful and airy.

The lighthouse is on the top of Nho Mountain

The lighthouse is on the top of Nho Mountain

In addition, another highlight when climbing Nho mountain is the Vung Tau lighthouse. The lighthouse architecture is an 18-meter-tall cylindrical tower, 3 meters in diameter and painted white. Anybody travel here also wants to climb up, admire the lighthouse and contemplate the vast nature.

Situated on the Lon Mountain, there is a temple with a religious architecture impressively mixed with majestic nature.

"Heaven Gate"

This is the most recently checked-in place of young people visiting Vung Tau. For those who are curious and feel this place completely strange. "Heaven Gate" is located in the resort of Mui Nghinh Phong, No. 1 Halong – Ho Chi Minh City. Vung Tau, near the road to the God statue.

At this site, visitors will be surprised with the impressive yellow gate. The wild scenery, the miraculous combination of majestic nature and the yellow color of the gate create an outstanding natural picture. Come to "Heaven Gate", you do not worry lack of memorable photos to show with family, friends.

Sheep farm

This is the ideal place, where cannot ignore for young people recently. Going to the sheep farm, you will feel you are losing in the middle of a prairie as some western farm. And delighted to make a pose or play with the lovely sheep.

Suoi Nghe sheep farm becomes an ideal check-in location for youths

Suoi Nghe sheep farm becomes an ideal check-in location for youths

The farm is located in Suoi Nghe commune, there are more than 150 sheep and tickets to the farm ranges from 50,000 to 150,000 depending on the number of people. Nowadays, this place is well known in the youths with its freshness, which also becomes the venue for interesting wedding photography for couples.

Just come here and don't miss a chance to visit the best places in Vung Tau!