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Phu Quoc island has long been an alluring tourists hub in Vietnam. Not only famous for its stunning natural beauty amidst a quiet, romantic atmosphere, the culinary world on this island is a brand new heaven to discover. The list of 4 specialties in Phu Quoc Island that cannot be found elsewhere below will fulfill your coming Phu Quoc tailor-made food tour. Be prepared to be amazed and let’s go have some bites.  

Herring salad (Gỏi cá trích)

Goi ca trich

Thanks to the fact that herrings in Phu Quoc are numerous and available all year round, the specialty herrings salad in this island is always delicious and fresh. To make a mouth-watering herring salad, the cooks will clean and slice the herrings into small and thin pieces, then mix the processed fish with chili, onion, garlic, extracted lemon, dry rice pancake and some peanuts. A small bunch of fresh herbs is added to enhance the flavor and yay, here come a fragrant, crunchy, bold and spicy dishes of herring salad. Such a dish to remember!

Sea urchin (Nhum biển)

Sea urchin (Nhum biển)

Sea urchin

If you have ever wondering which way to best prepare and enjoy the fresh sea urchin, here in Phu Quoc island you will find the answer. The famously grilled sea urchin with strong aroma is what has captured the heart of numerous visitors. Cleaned sea urchin is roasted over a charcoal fire, added with lime juice and pinches of salt when turns brown. What on earth could be more relaxing than gathering together, savor the flavorful taste of grilled sea urchin, share a mug of beer while feeling the breath of winter! Foodies can also try sea urchin soup, sea urchin paste or sauteed sea urchin. Definitely, those dishes will make your day.

Tram mushroom (Nấm Tràm)

Tram mushroom soup

Tram mushroom soup

Tram mushroom, a very aromatic and yummy ingredient in Phu Quoc, adds a lot to the flavor of both main and side dishes in Vietnamese everyday meals. Whether it is pork, chicken, eggs, fish, shrimps, or even squids, the small, fresh, crunchy and chewy Tram mushrooms make the dishes more delicious-looking and tasty. In case you are not visiting Phu Quoc during its mushroom season, don’t worry, because you still can try the dried or frozen ones. Those dried mushrooms are the soul of Vietnamese cuisines, including traditional dishes such as spring rolls, stir-fried chicken, soup, etc.

Mat Cat cake (Bánh tét mật cật)

Mat Cat cake

If the traditional Banh Tet, the iconic food of Vietnamese lunar new year is wrapped by banana leaves, Mat Cat cake is, instead properly wrapped in Mat cat leaves. The tradition of using Mat cat leaves is passed down through families from generation to generation since this special packaging helps the cake retains its own flavor, which banana leaves cannot. Mat cat cake has a distinct aroma and a beautiful jade color thanks to the essence of Dua leave and Ngot leaves, together with green beans and fatty pork that make up the cake. All those combinations of ingredients and flavors make Mat cat cake a must-try specialty in Phu Quoc Island for islanders and tourists alike.

Those 4 above-mentioned specialties have proven that Phu Quoc is not just an island paradise but a place to savor various new and wonderful Vietnamese cuisine. Hopefully, the given food recommendation will complete your Phu Quoc tailor-made food tour and don’t forget to share your feelings with us phuquocislandreviews.

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